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ice bucket challenge

when jongin takes over kris' part in growl

Pinch me just once, if this is all a dream I hope I don’t wake up.


kimjonginimnida: "Please tell me in full detail how amazing kim jongin is in person. ♡"

oh my god i don’t even know where to start kim jongin is absolute perfection and definitely 600% bias-worthy ok so um HIS SMILE TRULY LIGHTS UP HIS ENTIRE FACE AND DEAR LO R D THE WAY HE LOOKED IN THAT WET WHITE SHIRT AND ITS LIKE HIS BRONZE SKIN ACTUALLY GLOWS IRL ????
(also we need to talk about the way he waved to us fans in the mosh when he was up there on the flying net vehicle like a fricken angel i wish i had a fancam ok he waves adorably ;u;)
i could probably talk about this forever but honestly, he is the epitome of perfection and his ending ment made me cry and i am still v v incoherent and yes it has been the most wonderful night :-)